Friday, December 9, 2011

Intro to me

2AM: The Colbert Report just ended again and all I can hear is echoing coughs, ringing through the house and I turn off the TV. Staring at the ceiling and going through my day; wondering about any connections I may have made. Wondering how many days to avoid my parents house, after subjecting my father to dinner at the bar, with my kids. BTW....Who was that cute teacher talking to my son on the playground and is she single. (that would be a bad thing, that I wouldn't act on or talk about in life.)

Old Townie Dad; would have had enough to drink to block this problem. It's a new day and trying to get three kids up, fed, dressed and safely delivered to school on time "hang over," just sucks. I suppose standing out on my deck smoking would have also helped. It was after all; the comforting smell of smoke drifting off of my grandmother and father that to this day, makes me cozy, in a weird way. Due to that image, I thought it would be best to give that awesome habit up too. So here I am, laying here and I can only check on the kids so many times. I'll eventually drift off and the plus side of giving up the previous two issues is that, I apparently only need a few hours of sleep to get through any given day.

This could easily be anger driving my alertness, it's been three days. I told the children's mother about them being sick and I've only received a text message. I'm reserving a sappy rainy day to describe my current and past relationship with her. Short summery: Cheaters will always cheat and sociopaths will only do what feels right at the moment, it's all for some sort of life status. Her life is a long list of bad choices that guide her constantly down the wrong path. I'll leave it at an out of site, out of mind mentality, brief fits of guilt but, having the complete ability to turn that into sympathy.

I'm no angel either and hope a good girl captures my attention soon. I have this problem of treating any girl I date, as if she is only second to my children. In fact, it has only been few and far between that any woman could grab my complete attention. Another story for another time. Hoping this will mostly be about my interactions as daddy and the people I talk to, laugh at, get confused by or, just have fun with, from day to day.

Like the mothers at the playground and how they all think they're killing their children slowly. Thank you Doctor Oz and your ability to make canned goods a topic of inescapable conversation. I work from home and refuse to watch any daytime television because, I like what I cook for my kids and farm stands don't have internet shopping. That's where it begins, I should actually work and possibly take care of the sick child rotting his brain with skittles and power rangers down stairs.